The ‘Daughters of the Redeemer’ commonly referred to as DOR is a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right in which the sisters pronounce public vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. The sisters dedicate themselves to apostolic work, according to the universal Law of the Church and the Law of the institute.

The aim of the Congregation is to radiate Christ’s goodness particularly to the under privileged and those at the margins of society. The spirituality of the Congregation is based on the life of Jesus the Redeemer.

The Congregation was founded by Emmanuel Milingo then Archbishop of Lusaka in 1969 (now a lay person).

The Daughters of the Redeemer are involved in different apostolates of the Church. The sisters devote themselves to eradicating hunger, ignorance, destitution, disease and all that prevents the little ones of Christ from enjoying a life worthy of human dignity in all their apostolates.

The Sisters at present are working in four Dioceses in Zambia, namely Lusaka, Ndola, Mongu and Kabwe with a total of 9 communities. The Daughters have five communities in Lusaka Archdiocese. These are Chaisa, Lukamantano, Mt. Zion, Olympia and Zondi. The other communities outside Lusaka are in Chibombo in Kabwe Diocese, Ibenga in Masaiti district and Kitwe in Ndola Diocese and Mangango in Mongu Diocese.

Rooted in Jesus the Redeemer, the Daughters of the Redeemer share in the redemptive work of Christ by radiating goodness in their community life and to the people they serve, thereby proclaiming the Kingdom of God.


To share intimately and wholeheartedly in the redemptive work of Christ the Redeemer through dedication to prayer, charity work and ministry with particular attention to the poor and marginalized in our society.


To envision a world permeated with the Goodness of Christ by being at the service of God’s people.


Our core spiritual values are Honesty and Sincerity which helps us to seek and do not our will but the will of Christ the Redeemer.


The Daughters of the Redeemer share intimately and wholeheartedly in the Redemptive work of Christ. They live in community and it is here that they are rooted in love by the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, common prayer and mutual sharing.


Our Spiritual principles reveal our Vision of ourselves and our program of action through living witness. The principles help us to put on the mind of Christ the Redeemer: –

  • Practicing the silent virtues
  • Being mothers to thousands
  • To die To give life
  • Radiating Christ’s goodness to the people