Posted | 16 May 2021 06:00 CAT

the participants to focus on a shared vision and understand the critical elements and individual contributions. The workshop also looked at the key skills needed to address the unavoidable challenges that arise in communities, notably, appreciating individual differences, communicating collaboratively, and managing conflict.

The participants had this to say after the workshop.

“It makes one contribute their giftedness to the community and transform one another” – Monica Kalimbwe.

“Team building is a call for mutual trust in order to build our community and the congregation. We need to trust each other” – Maria Kasongo.

“Coming from different places with different values, teamwork brings out the aspects of sharing our values, cooperation with others and promoting peace and unity” – Faustina Paul.

“As an individual, I should be a source of strength to my sisters, to be part of the shared support in my community” – Mbanga Grace.

Team building workshop has made me realize that I need to be selfless, good listener, accommodating and to be a source of strength to my sisters and the community” – Monica Tembo.

“Learning more from others and being able to share my skills with my community members” – Martha Phiri.

“It helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths. The knowledge gained will help us to work as teams in order to achieve the common goal” – Anastasia Phiri.